The Journey Begins

Monday October 8

Fatboy was the nickname given to me by an uncle as a teenager. I was bone thin as a kid until i became a teenager. I slowly put on weight in my teens and by the time i was 16 I was obese and have been except for a few years in my mid to late 30s.

In my mid to late 30s i managed to lose approximately 50 kgs and manage to keep it off for a few years. A mate of mine said i should have kept a blog of how I did it, and  inspired other people to try.

Through reasons and excuses ( I will go into more details about these in the future) I eventually put back on the weight and now am slightly heavier than when i started to lose the weight.

I told myself this time I would blog about my journey in the hope of sharing that it is possible to change your lifestyle and lose weight, even if you have been fat most of your adult life. The reality is probably more selfish in that by blogging about it I hope to increase my chances of success because I don’t want to be the idiot who started a weight loss blog only to give it away 2 weeks later (still a possible outcome but here’s hoping).

So here it is my blog. I started the journey this morning. I can’t take credit for starting the journey, that goes to my wife. We have friends that have had some amazing results through changing their eating habits and my wife decided to give it a go. I would like to say I was dragged into this kicking and screaming but the truth is I want this badly.

So this morning my beautiful wife cooked me a delicious feta and spinach omelette (I’m not fibbing it was great). I scoffed it down as I was running late and then realised i hadn’t weighed myself yet. Idiot now I would be heavier by 1 omelette when I did weigh in. Oh well the journey wasn’t starting off exactly the way I planned and in the past this would be just the excuse I would need to say well i’ll start tomorrow, or next week or even next month. Not this morning however, it was a slight oversight no biggie i would not use this for an excuse.

To the bathroom I went and stood on the new scales my wife had purchased on the weekend. 135.9 kgs. Now before you say thats terrible, let me just say I was ecstatic. I had tried the scales out on saturday and I weighed 136.6 kgs. Amazing!!! Just 5 minutes in and I am going great guns and considering I had already eaten the result was even better then it looked. Now in the past this would call for a celebration, Maccas for lunch yay!!!! Not today though i was determined to be steadfast and strong.

Once again my lovely wife who wakes up and starts work earlier than I do had prepared my midday meal and snacks for the day. At about 11 am I was feeling a little peckish and opened up my lunch box to see what terribly tasting snack i had to endure to end my only slight hunger. Pork crackle!!!! Not just store bought pork crackle but home cooked pork crackle. I thought that was a mistake so I called her. Excitedly I said I have pork crackle. She said yes that was one of my snacks and I could not contain my excitement that it wasn’t a mistake. She also asked me what i thought of breakfast and I told her it was great and asked what was in it. Apparently she had used cream in the omelette and cooked it in butter. Bullshit, I can have cream and butter? I love cream and butter no wonder that omelette tasted so damn good.

I had a real busy day and didn’t have time to eat lunch until about 3pm. It was a simple salad of chicken lettuce and mayo. Once again it was delicious and after the cream and butter revelation i didn’t even doubt the mayo being in there.

I am not really concerned about exercise yet as i just want to get in the habit of eating well and for the right reasons and then add the exercise. However I did go down to the cricket nets with my eldest daughter to throw her some balls and I decided I would count this as 40 minutes of light exercise. Things were going good.

I went back to work after that and at about 6pm i drove past a Hungry Jacks (Burger King for non-aussies) and the smell had me stuffed. I can’t do this, I love Hungry Jacks. So I went into my lunch box to see what snack remained to hopefully quell this hunger. Not the type of hunger one gets because of the need to eat to survive, but the type of hunger an addict has. I found almonds. I like almonds, especially the smoked variety but these were plain raw unsalted variety. I started to eat them anyway and really wasn’t enjoying them at all. However by the time i finished the bag I was, but I still fell hungry. I got busy then so I didn’t have time to dwell on it. Not long after though I realised I was no longer hungry and the almonds had done the job.

I finished work about 7:30 and went home hungry but not ravenous. Leanne (that’s my wife) had made a concoction from the left over roast pork from the night before with mushrooms served with some green beans It was absolutely delicious.

My appetite sated I settled in for the long haul. I knew this would be the hardest part of my first day. After dinner I am a notorious grazer. I can eat healthy all day but continually let myself down between dinner and bed time. Tonight I was lucky however. I had a 3 hour phone call to my best mate, the brother I never had and my actual cousin (yes all the same person). Didn’t think of food once. As soon as I was off the phone though my brain said food, my stomach grumbled with assent. This is quite often where I can convince myself that whatever calories I eat now don’t count because I have been good all day. Not tonight though, my motivation and will power can at least see me through this night.

I sit down and finish typing this blog and soon as I am done I will go to bed. I have made it through the first day relatively easy as things go but I know there are tougher days ahead. I’m confident though, success tomorrow and I am on a streak. If you are religious pray for me, if you are a gambler bet on me at the long odds, if you a dreamer wish me luck, i’ll need it and then some.

I know this is just a bunch of writing and maybe a little boring at this stage but stick with me, as I get use to this blogging I will upload pictures of some of the food I eat photos of my fat arse (the only thing not fat on me is actually my arse, well not the only thing but the only thing I will admit to) and hopefully photos showing me being less fat as the journey goes on.



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