Tuesday October 9

Woke up this morning feeling really good about yesterday and excited about today. If anyone is actually reading this they might be thinking what a load of bullshit, he is making it seem not only easy but also enjoyable. Trust me the tough times will come, come soon, and repeatedly.

Breakfast was the same as yesterday and just as enjoyable. One thing I will have to be careful of is eating the same thing over and over again. In the past when I have done this I have eventually got sick of the dish and refused to eat it again, meaning a perfectly healthy dish that I enjoyed once is no longer an option. I find it interesting that this does not happen with junk food. I certainly can get tired of eating the same junk food over and over but I never refuse to eat it again.

What an idiot!! I left my lunch box at home! At about 11 I went to get my pork crackle snack that I was really looking forward to and no lunch box. By the time I was able to get back home 2 hours later i was ravenous. I ate my pork crackle but was still starving. Half an hour later I ate my lunch (egg and avocado mix with lettuce, also quite delicious) and ten minutes later I ate more pork crackle which wasn’t on the daily menu. My hunger was finally sated but i was feeling quite guilty and angry at myself.

Upon reflection it was a small set back and really nothing to get worked up about. It’s not like I’ve blown the diet, just ate a little more than I should have and not the wrong type of food.

I coach a junior cricket team and the season starts this weekend. We train on Tuesday afternoons and at todays training session I got more involved than I usually did, so I am counting this as an hour and a half of light exercise.

My wonderful cricket team after we won the Grand Final last season (the cute little red head at the front is my beautiful eldest daughter. Yes and that’s me with my big fat gut hanging out of my shirt in the black).

After training, at about 6 I ate my afternoon snack of almonds and went back to work for a couple of hours. I have a couple of jobs one of which is an uber driver. Two or three times a week I need to fuel my car and I have this ritual of buying a pie or a sausage roll or a pie and a sausage roll when I fill up. I knew this was going to be one of those testing moments. Its like the dog who salivates when the bell rings, while I’m filling the car my stomach is grumbling and my mind is imagining how good it will be to bite into my usual tasty  pastry snacks. I stayed strong though, walked pass the pie warmer with a sad look on my  face and just paid for the fuel. I’m glad the petrol station owner was not working because he knows me so well he always tells me what specials are on and convinces me to try new items they are selling to give him feedback (something in the past that made me feel quite special that he seemingly respected my opinion).

I was home just before 8 and enjoyed my dinner of meatballs in tomato sauce served with green beans and stuffed zucchini. I was still hungry after dinner and thought tonight I might indulge in the small amount of 90% dark chocolate I am allowed to have as an after dinner snack. However it is now 2 hours later as I type this and I am completely satisfied and am confident I won’t eat again before bed.

Day two is a success despite the little setback this afternoon. Looking forward now to tomorrow’s challenge.

Spinach and Fetta Omelette. Doesn’t look like a typical instagram meal but trust me tastes like one

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