Wednesday October 10

You know what taste like shit? 90% dark chocolate. So I know I said I was confident I wouldn’t need to eat again last night but I did indulge myself with my allowed chocolate snack. Did not enjoy it at all.

Something different for breakfast this morning, a smoothie. It didn’t taste great but neither did it taste bad. I’m not sure what was in it but i’m guessing blueberries and coconut water were two of the ingredients. The important thing is it wasn’t a struggle to drink and it has kept me satisfied hunger wise well into mid-morning.

I have mentioned how I was a real skinny kid until I hit my teens and then started putting on weight. There were a few reasons for this in my opinion. One was some health issues I had which i may go into detail about at a later date. Another  in my opinion was the good intentions of my parents. Growing up my parents were really strict about what we ate as a family. It was always healthy wholesome food and rarely if not never junk food. We never had biscuits or chips or lollies in the house and it was never an issue.  Eating was always about nutrition and never enjoyment. Unfortunately it is impossible to live in a bubble unaffected by what everyone else in the world is doing. So when I was exposed to more delicious fat and sugar filled food I was instantly addicted. I went to boarding school for the last three years of my schooling (I grew up in a remote mining town) and ate more shit in that three years then the rest of my life. Then I finished school  and moved to a city to work and my junk food intake increased again. It was like being in heaven. I just ate and ate. If I went to a fast food restaurant it was like I thought I’d never go to one again and order enough food to feed three people. I could be wrong and this may have just been because I have an “addictive personality”, but I feel if I had been exposed to these types of food more often as a child then maybe I wouldn’t have been so greedy about it as a teen and adult.

Didn’t forget my lunch box today yippee!!! Was so busy at work today that I had no issues or cravings that could make the day difficult. I believe it goes along way to prove the affect of boredom on peoples eating habits. Had my usual pork crackle snack at about eleven, lunch was a base free quiche with lettuce that was nice but not as nice as my previous two lunches and had almonds for a snack about six. I am starting to feel like I’m forcing the almonds down just to make sure I am not hungry later so it might be time for a change on my afternoon snack.

Got home from work about Eight and had a delicious meal of Cajun chicken with cauliflower bake. I have never liked cauliflower but have always eaten it because it’s healthy but this time it was delicious.

Cajun chicken with cauliflower bake yummy!!

Its about an hour after dinner and I am well satisfied. I don’t think I have that starving feeling all day. I am a little concerned about that as I know it was a lot harder the last time I successfully lost weight. Three days in and I can’t wait for the next 4 days to pass so I can weigh in. I so badly want to know if this is working but I have learnt in the past that weighing yourself to often can lead to disappointment. Once a week though with successful results motivates you for the next week.


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