Friday October 13

After working late last night I had a lazy day today. I didn’t start work until about one. Had scrambled eggs for breakfast, fairly simple but tasty. Pork crackle was my mid-morning snack like every other day this week (still not sick of that) and lunch was the same as Monday chicken and lettuce salad. I was happy about that as I had been waiting all week to have it again.

Talked to Ben (best friend, brother I never had and actual cousin I have mentioned before) this morning and he wants to start doing more exercise to help him lose some weight. Even though I am not worried about exercise just yet I agreed we could do something together and we have decided to go for a walk together early Tuesday mornings. He literally works around the corner from where I live so he we will meet me at my house at six. I live halfway up a hill so our biggest issue now is do we start with the incline or finish with it.

So i’ve just been trying to ease myself into all of this and haven’t mentioned what approach I am taking towards my plan. Anyone with a little knowledge probably realises I am following a Keto eating plan. The last time I lost weight I was using a similar eating plan but had never heard the term keto before. The basic idea of keto is to cut out carbs and increase fats (preferably healthy ones). If you are interested in trying this there is a lot of information online about it, which makes it much easier to know what to do and not to do.

A chorizo chilli dish was for dinner and once again another winner. Better yet was the fact it has been raining for days here and it was the perfect dish for a cold, wet and windy night.

Now comes the weekend and I know I keep saying here comes another test but here comes another test. When I lost weight the last time I was a Monday to Friday dieter. It worked for me and on the weekend I still got to enjoy the foods I like just in moderation. However on the keto diet if you do this it stops the ketosis. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it does mean you need to get your body into ketosis again. At this stage I want to stay in ketosis so I will not be following my old program on this. Weekends are where we always let our hair down and enjoy naughty food to often. So here is hoping i can get through the weekend without failing.


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