Weekend October 13 and 14

I am normally a very busy person on the weekend. I have three high school aged children who either have jobs, play sport or both. Saturday mornings at this time of the year I normally spend coaching my junior cricket side. This Saturday was suppose to be the first game of the year but it is still raining so I would be home and bored, which in the past has led to me eating for enjoyment rather than nutrition.

Scrambled eggs for breakfast again but it did the job of filling me up before I went shopping with the family. We had a few things to shop for but mainly we were out to buy items we need to make sure our meals suit the keto eating plan. Some of the things we have and will be using are almond flour and milk, coconut flour, stevia sweetener and psyllium husk powder (although we forgot this while at the grocery store). I think it was probably an unusual sight at the grocery store as all five of us walked up and down the aisles checking the carb content of different foods. We would call out to each other this is no good or hey this has no carbs and we would get strange looks.

One thing that came to our attention was when searching the internet for foods suitable for keto is that just because a certain item came up in the search didn’t mean it was actually suitable. A lot of items come up because they are low carbs but still have to many carbs to suit keto. One thing we were looking for was bread and an internet search comes up with an option but checking the label at the store it was still to high for keto. So my recommendation is if you want to give keto a go make sure you check the label and don’t just buy something because someone says it is suitable.

After shopping we had to go to my son’s footy presentation. While there the smell of hamburgers being cooked wafted through the hall making my stomach grumble in anticipation of chowing down on one. I remained strong and  went home for lunch. However now I didn’t feel like a salad served with cold meats, I wanted grilled meat. So we grilled some sausages and that was our lunch. It did the job and those cravings went away.

While shopping we bought 2 small packets of pork crackle and that was our afternoon snack replacing the large packet of potato chips that was more usual. I ate slow savouring every bite and washed it down with sugar free soft drink. This was quite satisfying and I then enjoyed an afternoon nap in front of the tv.

For dinner I decided to find a recipe to make flatbread. I wanted to make kofta and serve it with a salad on the flatbread like a home made kebab. All the best bread recipes for keto seem to have the psyllium husk powder that we had forgot to purchase earlier. However I settled on one that didn’t. It used a mixture of almond and coconut flour and although the dough (it was more like a batter) was easy  and quick to make, they did take a while to cook. They came out more like fluffy pancakes however served with the kofta, salad and a dressing they were quite delicious. In my opinion they could easily have been used as pancakes for a dessert if one so wished.

On Sundays my 16 year old daughter plays women’s grade Cricket for Ipswich which is about an hour and a quarter away from where we live. Actually I should probably share with you that we live in a small city Called Toowoomba in the state of Queensland in Australia. Anyway I have to get up early so the two of us can get there for the match. This Sunday I was in the shower trying to wake up when my wife tells me that word had come through that the ground is to wet and the match has been called off. Instead of going back to bed I thought I would experiment for breakfast with an idea I seen while looking for the flatbread recipe the evening before.

How my 90 second keto bread was meant to look.

Link to the recipe for the 90 second keto bread. You will find this recipe in a few places on the net. This particular sight claims to have perfected it. They tell you how and why in the review before the recipe.

Have you ever tried a cake in a mug? Oh my they are to die for. Well I found a recipe for a keto bread that worked just like a cake in a mug recipe and takes only 90 seconds to cook in the microwave. So when finished the bread looks a lot like english muffins so my idea was to make bacon and egg muffins for breakfast. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out the way the recipe said. I believe this was my fault the recipe said to let the bread slide out of the mug, however I only realised that after tapping the mug to make it come out, which it did in chunks that looked a lot like scrambled eggs. Only my son and I were awake so we ate the mush which was quite tasty and that was my breakfast for the day.

Lunch was bacon, egg, garlic butter mushrooms and some leftover kofta. It was quite enjoyable.

Now if you have been reading this blog from the start you may think I am a lazy bastard as all my meals are being made for me by my lovely wife. This has been the case this week as Leanne was the one to do all the research on what we could eat as it was her idea that we try keto. So last Sunday while I was away with my daughter for cricket she did a lot of the weeks prep. This time I was home and was quite willing to help. We spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen. We roasted two chickens which were pulled apart to use for our lunches. We roasted some pork skin to make pork crackle for our weekly snacks. All the while we were preparing our Sunday night dinner of corned meat with veggies and white sauce.

I realised this would be another of those tests I am always talking about some time in the future. I can easily see us getting tired of doing this prep or even being to busy to get it done. All I can say is if you decide to go keto, it is a little more preparation than you might be use to but if you are committed then hopefully the pros will well outweigh the cons by a long way.

Leanne found online a keto friendly white sauce for the corned meat and I have to say I think it tasted better than the standard white sauce. I only had a small dinner though, as I had been grazing on the chicken we cooked earlier while pulling them apart.

Sunday night is usually our once a week dessert night. I decided I wanted to do pancakes with a blueberry coulis and cream. However I spent that much time looking for a recipe I liked that I was no longer hungry and we decided to forgo the dessert. Maybe this keto thing is really starting to work on keeping my hunger sated.



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