Tuesday October 16

So after my weigh in success yesterday I am really keen to go well this week and keep my momentum going. The hardest thing will be not weighing myself before next Monday. Something I recommend you avoid. It can play with your head if the results aren’t up to expectation. The smallest gap in between weigh ins should be no less than a week. If you have more strength than I do you may even want to push it out to every two weeks, but personally I think once a week is good.

As I mentioned the other day Ben and I planned to go for a walk at six this morning and we both met that commitment. I took my beautiful German Shepard Khaleesi with us and we walked for an hour even though there was a light drizzle. As I have said before the exercise is not something I am to worried about just yet but I enjoyed the walk. We have planned to go again on Thursday.

Ben and I on my 40th Birthday. I was much thinner even only 3 years ago.
My beautiful German Shepard Khaleesi

Had a spinach and mushroom omelette for breakfast. I must say if you like eggs that is a good thing because they make following a keto diet easier as they are quick and easy to prepare. I had my normal pork crackle snack mid-morning. Lunch was a chicken caesar salad. One of my kids said how can you have a caesar salad without croutons? So I came up with what I think was a good idea and crumbled some pork crackle over the salad. It wasn’t the same as croutons but it gave the salad the crunch that we as humans like to experience with our food.

It just won’t stop raining here in Toowoomba so I had to call off cricket training this afternoon. I kept working instead and stayed out until my eldest finished work at the cinemas at 10. Surprisingly enough I hadn’t eaten since lunch and I was not feeling hungry in that time at all.



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