Weigh in Day Monday October 15

Here it is!! The day of reckoning. Will all my efforts bear fruit, or will it be a drastic failure. If you remember I weighed 135.9 kilos a week ago and here is hoping I don’t anymore. So I jumped on the scales straight out of the shower this morning and I am now 132.7 kilos. Was I excited? No. To be excited I would have wanted to see maybe a 5 kilo loss. However I was extremely happy. A loss of 3.2 kilos will do me just fine. If I lose that every week than in 10 short weeks I will be close to 100 kilos which if I had a goal I would be happy if I reached that by say February next year. Although my experience with losing weight in the past is that next week I won’t lose as much. I don’t know if this is the case for everyone or just me, but I always seem to have a good loss followed by a small loss and so on. If I can lose 1.8 kilos this week though that will be 5 kilos for the fortnight and a 25 kilo loss if I can keep that up for 10 weeks. I will certainly take that but the important thing is that I at least lose something every week.

It wasn’t all smiles in the house though as Leanne only lost 600 grams. She took it better than I would have but she still wasn’t happy. After a bit of research I found out that this can happen as the body starts to repair itself and the weight loss will come. It’s just not fair though as having a healthy body is great but we as humans are a little vain and will take looking better over being better. Of course the other thing which I told her is she is nowhere near as overweight as me and smaller weight losses should be expected.

Overall I found today quite easy. I ate way less than I would have last Monday and probably any other day than I started. As we have always heard protein fills us up and keeps us satisfied longer but I have always found this doesn’t seem to be the case. However now I think maybe it does in a physiological sense but not necessarily in a psychological sense. Now that I am convincing my brain that none of those tasty carbs are coming my stomach is saying yeah well I am well satisfied anyway. I don’t want to get carried away to early though, because I may let my guard down and thats when things start to go wrong.

In the past after a corned meat dinner I have made fritters with the left overs. So I spent the afternoon searching for a keto friendly recipe to make fritters. There is quite a few fritter recipes on the net, mainly for zucchini fritters. I just wanted a batter recipe but they were all complete fritter recipes and none of them took my fancy. So I pulled out my trusty day to day cookery book, the same one I used for home economics at school and my mother also used for home economics at school and found my tried and true fritter batter recipe. I then experimented changing the flour with almond and coconut flour. After a bit of fiddling around I came up with something I was happy with. However when I cooked them they didn’t seem to be quite right. Then I realised I had forgot to put the baking powder in so they were quite flat. Despite this they were quite tasty and I served them with avocado dressing and shallots and a side serve of spinach. The whole family loved them and with a few minor modifications and remembering the baking powder I think I will be close to perfecting them next time.

This is a  good time to tell  you if you seriously want to try the keto plan than don’t be afraid to experiment with your traditional recipes to make them keto friendly. If things don’t turn out don’t be disheartened just try again or try something different all together and after a while you will have a bunch of keto recipes that the family love.



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