Wednesday October 17

A fairly easy day to day. It’s starting to concern me when all these difficulties I keep on talking about are going to happen. I don’t want people reading this to think it seems easy because it isn’t and if you go into it with the mindset that it is you will likely fail. So I got to thinking why is it seeming easy  and it has occurred to me it is my mindset. I am expecting it to be difficult which I think is making those tougher times seem much easier. If my mindset wasn’t right then I probably would have stuffed up a few times by now if not completely failed. So I think it is like anything in life you want to change about yourself, you have to be prepared. Preparation is the key to success. It is not a guarantee of success but without it failure may be a foregone conclusion.

Breakfast was a delicious omelette again. My morning snack is still pork crackle. For lunch I had chicken and lettuce salad with an Avocado dressing. The avocado dressing while taste fine is not really what I would prefer, I would much rather just a little mayo and thats what I will do next time. Things are going so well that I no longer seem to need my afternoon snack so I didn’t eat again to dinner. Dinner was fantastic. Leanne made keto friendly swiss meatballs served with green beans. Oh my they were fantastic.

One thing I have forgotten to mention is last week Taylah my 16 year old made these things called keto fat bombs. They are tiny little things you freeze and these particular ones tasted like lemon cheese cakes. Today she made some more of these as well as these peanut butter balls. Absolutely delicious and a good way to satisfy that sweet tooth or just to sate your hunger in between meals. Of course like anything you don’t want to eat to many.

Link to a recipe for lemon cheesecake fat bombs. I’m not sure it is the same recipe Taylah used but they look the same.

Lemon Cheesecake Fat Bombs, they are the bomb.

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