Thursday October 18

Was up early this morning to go for a walk with Ben. We did the same route as last time and it took about 55 minutes. I am feeling really good after these walks and am looking forward to the day I am fit enough to run a distance again. This reminds me of how I started running the last time I lost weight. I had a treadmill at the time but it was broken so I came up with a novel idea. Our kitchen has what I guess you would call an island bench. I would run around this for 5 minutes at a time. I would slowly increase my time running and over several weeks I had built up to an hour running around my kitchen. By this stage my pace had increased and it was becoming increasingly difficult to run around in this small area. I bought a new treadmill and started running at about 8 km/hr for 5 kms and relatively quickly moved up to 10 km/hr at the same distance. Over some more time I started running faster and further. A friend of mine who is a big running fan talked me into going for a 5k run around our local cricket oval (500 metre laps). It was the toughest thing I had ever done, way tougher than on the treadmill at a faster pace. We did the run at about 11 km/hr which i felt like I was running extremely fast but was a slow jog for my friend. From there I started running outdoors by myself building up speed and distance until at my best I was running about a thousand kms a year. As I have said it is not my priority yet but I am looking forward to when it is.

The one thing I want to mention is if you are considering buying a treadmill, you must be serious about using it or you will find yourself with a very expensive clothes rack. That is seriously what most people I know who own a treadmill use it for. Having one is great though. If it was cold or wet or I wanted to watch some tv instead of going for a road run I would use my treadmill. Also I live in a very hilly area and running on treadmill is nice and flat (unless you change the incline which I rarely did).

After my walk I had an omelette for breakfast. I am not getting sick of them yet and mainly cause the ingredients used differs so each one is different. I had my usual pork crackle for my morning snack and then a possible disaster arose.

I was very busy with work and didn’t have time to eat until later in the afternoon. When I did eat my lunch of egg salad and lettuce I enjoyed it but I was still hungry. I showed great self-control but it was hard. I really struggled all for the rest of the day. I had to get petrol and while I am inside paying for it I am smelling pies and sausage rolls and I was trying to convince myself one won’t hurt. It was very difficult to control but I managed. My first real test and I have passed but it is only 11 days in. At least that was what the pessimistic side of me was thinking. I worked late and these cravings came on and off for the next four hours until I got home and ate my dinner. Smoky spiced chicken legs were for dinner with some salami and cheese baked zucchini. It was good the chicken was a little bland but I was that hungry I don’t think I noticed. A little later I had a cheesecake gatbomb and a peanut butter ball and was out of the danger zone.


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