Friday October 19

After a tough day yesterday I was hoping for an easier day to day. I started the day with some scrambled eggs. My usual morning snack of pork crackles followed and I had no issues until lunch.

My lunch was the leftover chicken and Zucchini from last night. I actually was home for lunch and when I went to eat it, it was really uninspiring. I wanted something else but I didn’t want to eat any carbs. So I found these two small pork steaks, seasoned them well and cooked them up. I ate them with a salad for lunch and thoroughly enjoyed them. I can’t stress enough how important it is (well at least for me) to season your meat before cooking. Salt and pepper are great but don’t be afraid to try different spices or herbs and find some combination of flavours that you really enjoy.

Leanne, Taylah and my youngest Hayden were off to cricket training in Ipswich this afternoon and Caitlin my middle child was staying at a friends. I was working so there was no one at home to prepare dinner. Before I dropped Caitlin off to her friends place I cooked some sausages to have with a salad later. I came home from work about a half hour before Leanne, Taylah and Hayden came home and made a salad. It was a decent enough dinner and I had no hunger pangs over the next few hours when I went back to work.

I am always talking about the tests that will keep coming and do I have a doozie tomorrow. I play touch football with a bunch of great guys and have for years. After the season we have an annual golf day. Anyone that has thrown an intercept that led to a try has to buy a carton of beer so normally unless you are the poor sucker/s that have thrown one the booze is free. I personally have never had to buy one. So we play a game of golf, have a BBQ lunch and a few beers at the course and head back to the skippers place to drink more beer, play some pool, have a bet on Caufield Cup day, order some pizza for dinner and hand out some awards (mainly joke ones as the major awards are done at the clubs official presentation). So I can avoid carbs at the barbie, I will just eat the steak with some salad. However it is going to be tough avoiding carbs with all that beer flowing and to eat pizza later in the night. That’s without even thinking of the snacks that will be put out like potato chips.

So I am undecided if I should abstain from beer altogether (probably the best option), just have one or two at the most or just making a night of it and getting back on the wagon the next day. I know what I should do but I can’t see me getting through this without a stuff-up.


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