Weekend October 20 and 21

I started Saturday with two small pieces of bacon and an egg. At ten I went to play golf which took a couple of hours. It was a handy bit of exercise at this stage of the journey and although it is only light exercise I was exhausted.

So the first big test of the day came up after the game, time for our lunch of steak burgers and beer. So I was very strong, and only ate steak, onion and salad, no bread rolls. Also I drank a zero sugar coke while playing and a powerade zero after the game.

The next big test was back at the coaches house. Beer, chips and dip flowing I was no chance of surviving this. However it turns out I was. I didn’t have one beer and I only had a tiny bit of scotch and I didn’t even want that, but my teammate had bought an expensive bottle and wouldn’t let me get away without tasting it. I had two sips and then gave it to Ben to finish. As far as the snacks go I only had a few pieces of Kabana  and some cheese cubes which kept me satisfied all afternoon.

By this stage I was quite pride of myself and was starting to think I was indestructible. The third and final test the pizza would not catch me out. Something incredible happen and this may sound like an unlikely story. We didn’t order pizza. Every year we order pizza but not this year. The only reason I could come up with is that because I hadn’t scoffed down all the snacks other people got enough to eat and so pizza wasn’t needed.

I was quite hungry by the time I got home at half past seven. Leanne wasn’t home as she had taken Taylah to netball. So I decided to cook pork chops and made an experimental paprika and mushroom sauce. It was delicious and satisfying.

Sunday I was on the road early. I once again had bacon and eggs. I was off to Ipswich with Taylah who was playing a match against Sandgate Redcliffe. I had store bought pork crackle chips for a snack and I had made a salad with pork for lunch. It was a shit of a day with the weather but I had no dramas food wise.

Back in Toowoomba we had roast pork for dinner with cauliflower bake and keto friendly gravy.  After dinner I had one of those little cheesecake fat bombs and I felt well nourished.

I am looking forward as well as apprehensive about the weigh in the morning. I know it is stating the obvious but I am really hoping for a good result.


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