Weigh In Day Monday October 22

The most anticipated day of my week is here and I was once again excited as well as anxious about weighing in. Remember when I said last week any loss is a good result? Well I have changed my mind. I only lost 400 grams and I am really pissed off. I was hoping for 1.8kgs and didn’t even get close. The most annoying part was how well behaved I was on the weekend. I could have had lots of beer, I could have eaten lots of carbs, but I didn’t and now I feel like I may as well have.

So two weeks in and I have lost a total of 3.6 kgs. When you look at it like that it seems alright, even successful. This is the way I am going to have to look at it if I want to avoid despondency. Right at the moment though I am not feeling good about it. However an interesting aspect is that in the past I would have used this as an excuse to eat what I want, but at the moment I don’t feel like doing that. I am just concerned if the keto plan is the right plan for me. I will need to give it a lot more time before I make that decision though.

After doing some reading on the net, it appears that some people don’t lose weight straight away on keto. Apparently the reason given is that your body is repairing itself and rebuilding muscle. I don’t care. I know it seems silly that it is not important to me but lets face it, being healthy is a secondary bonus. The real reason we want to eat better is to lose weight so we can look better. Vanity is the driver in probably most of these situations rather than health.



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