Wednesday October 24

So on top of feeling a little depressed at the moment I am also feeling a little sick. Nothing major just a sore throat and a cough. I often wonder if being depressed somehow lowers my immune system making more susceptible to bugs. This is another one of those tests. Quite often when I am sick I look for comfort in food. I tell myself it doesn’t matter while I am sick. The problem is I am sick for a few days so I keep eating bad. Then even when I am feeling better I am in the habit of not eating good and it can continue on indefinitely.

I only ate twice today because I was feeling ill. I did manage to stick to the keto plan though so I was happy with that. I had my usual omelette for breakfast but it was closer to lunch time when I ate it. For dinner Leanne made this delicious meatloaf style dish that is wrapped in bacon. I wasn’t really feeling hungry but it tasted so good I cleaned my plate.

I was hoping to start doing even more exercise this week. Ben is working out of town so we can’t go for a walk, but I meant to do my own walking. I have opted out though due to not feeling well. To be honest I know this is a bit of a copout but to be honest I am not concerned yet because I am still doing so well on the food front.


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