Friday October 26

Today was basically a write off for me. No I didn’t fail, I did all the right things as far as food goes today. However it was the last thing on my mind as something happened today I have been waiting years for. Now before explaining more I should let you know I will never win any awards for maturity level and I have no problem at all with that. This doesn’t mean I am not responsible, I certainly am. However at the heart of it I am a child who has never grown up and I don’t want to change that at all. I still act the adult when it matters, whether that is work, parenting or social interactions with other adults. When it doesn’t matter though I am still a teenage boy. I can hear a chorus of women out there saying aren’t all men? To be honest I think the majority are. The difference between myself and the most of the rest is I own it. I don’t deny the bleeding obvious. Constantly when reacting with my 16 year old daughter Taylah I am asking her to loosen up and behave more like my teenage daughter rather than my mother. These interactions normally finish with the statement that she is the second most mature person in the house after Mum and that its up for debate in what order myself, Caitlin 15 and Hayden 13 come in.

Back to what I was saying before I went off on a tangent to explain my childish behaviour. What happened today was the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, a video game I have been waiting years for. Yes, yes I hear you, you are 43 time to give up video games. Read above though I just wrote a whole paragraph as an excuse as to why I still can play video games. Now it has no relation to keto or weight loss directly, but indirectly  I was that happy and excited all day, not once did I have a craving for some naughty food. Now what I have taken a long way about saying here is finding something else in life to bring you joy will go a long way to helping to follow your eating plan of choice. I think it may have been Dr Phil I heard once say that bad habits are easier to give up if you replace them with habits that are healthier but still bring you enjoy. So I say to you whats a better habit? A couple of hours playing video games, or eating a large bag of potato chips?


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