The Weekend October 27 and 28

So here we are another weekend and as usual I was busy the whole weekend. I was running late to get to my junior cricket match on Saturday morning so I only had time to eat a little bit of bacon on my way out the door. Cricket finished at 11:30 and we went home to have something to eat before going out again. Lunch was left overs from Friday night, which I forgot to mention in my last post as I was to excited by Red Dead. My wife had made keto egg rolls, or what we would call spring rolls here in Australia. They weren’t really egg rolls as such, rather just the filling. It was delicious though and while the family sat around the dinner table on Friday night eating, we were brainstorming ideas to what we could actually fill with it to make them more like spring rolls. This has been one of the highlights of keto, coming up with some good ideas on how to make keto friendly recipes even better than what they are. Some of the ideas we had included lettuce wraps, egg wraps or experimenting with one of the many keto friendly pastry recipes that are on the net.

After lunch we went shopping for groceries and other things and were out all afternoon. I was quite hungry by the time we got home but enjoyed a nice snack of pork crackle chips which hit the spot.

On Saturday evenings at the moment Taylah is playing and umpiring netball so I dropped her off and went and visited Ben and his son Cooper. By the time we got home it was late and I was famished. Well what a treat we were in for. Leanne had taken something I said as a joke while shopping and ketoed the idea up for dinner. She made a keto friendly pie with zuchini chips and keto friendly gravy. It was amazing!!!! Every mouthful I sounded like Meg Ryan in that famous cafe scene in When Harry Met Sally. I almost blurted out better than sex at one stage but thought better of it.

Pie Chips and gravy keto style


Sunday was spent in the western suburbs of Brisbane, about an hour and a half from where we live to watch Taylah play cricket. We packed our food for the day which include leftover Pie!!! We also had a salad, some boiled eggs and some pork crackle chips. The day went well right up to leaving time. On our way back to the car we walked past a young family enjoying Fish and Chips in the park. I noticed first and thought gee that would be nice but I had bad hey fever so I couldn’t smell it so no worries for me. Then Leanne walked past and she could smell it and I could almost see her knees buckling under the pressure. In the past this has been one of those times where we would fail together. I could tell by the tone of Leanne’s voice she wanted to cave and she wanted my approval. I stayed strong though and just said yeah it would be nice but oh well we can’t. In the past we would have enabled each other and failed. Now I am not blaming Leanne, although this time it was her weakness that was going to test us, plenty of times in the past it has been mine. I just hope when it is me she stays as steadfast as I was.

So we got home Sunday evening late and tired. Normally we would have toasted sandwiches as they are quick and easy. We can’t do that anymore so we cooked up some sausages and scrambled eggs and all were happy.

Weigh in time tomorrow, fingers crossed.

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