Weigh In Day Monday October 29

So I started this 3 weeks ago at 135.9 kilos. I lost 3.2 the first week and 0.4 the next. That left me at 132.3 kilos. I really want to get under a 130 so I can feel like the journey is underway. This morning, drum roll please, I weighed 131.2 kilos. Not as much as I would like but a loss of 1.1 will do. It will be at least another week before I am under 130, I will just have to be patient. 4.7 kilos over 3 weeks is good I guess but I was hoping to have lost over 5 by now. At least I am losing weight though. Leanne has had a small loss, followed by no loss, followed by a small gain. I think she is just about ready to give up and I can’t blame her. However Selfishly I hope she continues because with both of us doing it it makes it much easier to follow.

Today was the first time I have really struggled and failed on the eating front. I didn’t eat anything I shouldn’t but my portion sizes were to big today. I don’t know why I just felt hungrier than I have lately and lost my self control momentarily. I still ate a lot less than i would have before starting the program but I still feel guilty about it.

Oh well another week started let’s see if I can keep this up, I think I can but it is important I don’t take things as being easy because that’s when slip ups way more harmful than the one I had today are likely to occur.


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