Tuesday October 30

Another morning today where I haven’t had breakfast. How many times have you heard that it is the most important meal of the day? Well keto throws that out of the window. the first time I lost weight I ate when I wasn’t even hungry because I was meant to. However with keto they say don’t eat unless your hungry. Not famished mind you just hungry. Waiting until you are famished is a disaster waiting to happen. So lately I am finding that I am hungry about mid-morning and normally just have a pork crackle snack. Sometimes I am hungry by lunch time and eat then, other times it is not until later in the afternoon. This was the case today and I had my lunch about 3:30.

I forgot to mention Ben and I went for an hour walk this morning. We plan to go for another one tomorrow as well.

Leanne still despondent about her lack of weight loss has lost her interest in finding delicious keto meals. When I got home she said she has no imagination so dinner was a grilled pork chop with some steamed veggies. To be honest I enjoyed it. I told her that I don’t care and if she remembers the last time I lost weight some steamed veggies with a grilled piece of meat was what my dinner was more often than not. Also I think now that I am finding it easier not eating the foods I love that I don’t need to disguise things to convince myself that I am eating naughty food.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday October 30

  1. It’s so hard to know which advice to listen to these days, isn’t it? I’ve heard both that we should eat only when hungry and also that we should eat at regular intervals. Good for you doing what works for you!


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