Friday November 2

I had a good day today. Spirits were high which makes a great change from lately. I had an omelette for breakfast, pork crackle chips for a snack closer to lunch time. I had another snack later in the afternoon of pork crackle chips.

Around 7:30 I came home from work for dinner. Tonight Leanne was trying to make keto pizzas for the first time. I have to say they were pretty good. One she made with almond flour, the other was with coconut flour. I personally couldn’t tell the difference. I have read though that people complain about things tasting to much like coconut when that type of flour is used. Leanne, Caitlin and Hayden said they could taste the coconut.

Keto pizza is good

The interesting thing is Leanne put two pieces on my plate and I said I wanted three. She said I can come back for the third one. I was a little annoyed about this as I felt like it was a waste of time. However I think Leanne is probably much smarter than me, as after two I didn’t feel like anymore. If I had of put three on my plate to start with even though two was enough I probably would have eaten all three.  Thank you my beautiful wife.

I went back to work for a couple of hours after dinner and did not have any of those cravings for Hungry Jacks I use to get when working late.


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