Weigh In day Monday November 5

Here it is again, weigh in day. They seem to come around quickly. As I said in my last post, I am confident of a good result. I don’t know why, I just am. Drum roll please……. and the results are in, fist pump everybody 128.5 kgs! Woohoo, that is a loss of 2.7 kgs! I am ecstatic. That is my best loss since the first week. However it is still just a small battle win, not time to celebrate as the war continues.

No breakfast again this morning. I had a pork crackle snack about mid-morning. At about 1 I had a lunch of an omelette and a sausage. I was working late as Taylah didn’t finish work after school until 10. It was an extremely hot day so at about 7 I stopped to get a drink. while at the shop I found these chicken breast snacks. I had a small bag of them and that satisfied me easily.

During the day I managed to walk for 45 minutes and had a very slow 5 minute run. I have probably mentioned it before but there is no intent in my walking. I am not trying to walk fast, or cover a certain distance, I am just walking to increase my daily steps. In my opinion this is an important step. Don’t get me wrong cardio is important and I am getting a little of that with the short runs I am having. However the last time I lost weight I was successful because I didn’t try to overdo exercise as in the past doing that has had a negative effect on continuing. Building up how much you move each day and continuing to do it is far more important than running your guts out for 5 kms and then not doing anything after that for weeks. The more you get your body moving the more it will want to move and that comes from my own personal experience, not the word of some fitness freak who has never been in my situation.

I got home just after 10 and waiting for me was some leftover roast lamb from last night with a salad and it was delicious. One thing I have noticed is that we are being less creative than we were in the beginning. I am putting this down to not needing to deceive our bodies into thinking they are eating naughty food. This is a good step as it makes meal preparation a lot easier than it was in the beginning.

After dinner I was wondering if I should set a goal for this weeks weight loss. I decided that was only going to lead to disappointment so opted not to. I did say to myself it would be nice even just to get under 128 kgs which would be a 600 gram loss. Getting under 130 kgs was my first major goal but with no set time limit. Now I am looking forward to getting under 125 kgs but no time limit set, I will enjoy whenever it comes.



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