Thursday November 8

So it appears not having breakfast is becoming the norm now and something I am use to. However I still feel like I am eating to much later in the day and maybe this is caused by me not eating enough earlier. Or maybe I am slowly getting out of the habit of eating when I am hungry and eating because of boredom. I need to be really careful. I get a feeling that this weeks weight loss is not going to be very good.

I just had a my normal snack of pork crackle mid to late morning and had a caesar salad around 3 in the afternoon. I worked until about 10 and when I came home Leanne had bought home some leftovers from a work function she had been at. Some steak and sausages which she made a salad to have with. I was that hungry I ate both pieces of steak (they were only small) and the sausage with the salad. Although satisfied afterwards I felt guilty for eating all the meat.

On top of this I have been grazing all week. Like I said on Tuesday, nothing I shouldn’t eat but way to much. I can’t even publish what extra I’ve been eating because I just don’t know.


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