Tuesday November 7

A big day today in Australia, it’s  Melbourne Cup Day. For those around the world not familiar with the Melbourne Cup it is considered one of the biggest horse races in the world. Due to it being the the Cup and the fact that I am working my other job tonight which I start at 6 pm I decided to have a lazy day at home.

I cooked some bacon and eggs for breakfast then settled on the couch to flick between the NFL game, the races and also playing some Red Dead Redemption. I was probably a bit bad, I ate a whole 50 gram packet of pork crackle while enjoying my day on the couch.

Besides the pork crackle I didn’t eat anything else for the rest of the day but I did guzzle litres of water because it is so hot here at the moment. I had training for my junior cricket team this afternoon and even though it was hot I had them doing a lot of running during a fielding practice session. When I got home I didn’t have long before I had to go to work but I was feeling hungry without any real time to prepare anything. Last night Caitlin had made some keto friendly carrot cup cakes for Leanne to take to work for a group morning tea. There were a few leftover so I had one and was quite impressed. It is important to know that carrots are something you should not eat often on keto because of their sugar content.

I forgot my lunch box when I went to work so I had no water, or dinner which was not good. By the time I finished around midnight I was dying of thirst. I stopped at a petrol station on my way home and got a small pack of pork crackle and something to drink. Probably could have done without the pork crackle but I used the excuse I needed to get the total of the transaction up to $% to use eftpos. When I got home I had a dinner ready to be heated up of sausages, mushrooms and an egg. I was pretty hungry so I added a couple of slices of roast lamb. I feel I have over eaten for today so I am not overly happy with myself. No major damage I think but I need to be better.


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