Wednesday November 8

I feel like I might be eating to much this week. I am not eating anything I shouldn’t but maybe to much of what I should. A good loss of weight can cause you to be a little lax or at least I know it can cause me to be. The good thing at the moment is that it is not making me feel  like it would be alright to have something I shouldn’t. I am not thinking oh it would be alright if I ate a burger and some chips because I have been doing well, because that would be a gateway to putting all the weight back on.

Al l had to eat for most of the day was some pork crackle. Around half past 3 I ate my lunch which was a sausage salad which was quite enjoyable. I am having pickles in most of my salads and I am enjoying them immensely.

Taylah had cricket training in the evening at Ipswich. I decided to have a walk while she was training as I hadn’t had any exercise for the day yet. Walking around Ivor Marsden Ovals where she trains can be quite risky thanks to the wildlife. Mainly kangaroos. Now I can here all you people not from Australia and even some from here saying kangaroos are cute, how could they be dangerous. A kangaroo cornered or feeling in danger is capable of doing extreme damage, even killing a person. They are extremely strong animals with sharp claws. Realistically I don’t feel any danger from them, as I plan to stay away from them and I know there first thought is to stay away from me. There is just that many at Ivor Marsden that you need to be watchful to make sure you don’t accidentally corner one or encroach to closely to where they feel the need to defend themselves or their joeys.

Oval 1 at Ivor Marsden. This is only a fraction of kangaroos that can be here

Like I said I wasn’t really worried about the kangaroos but I was keeping an eye on them just in case. I was coming to the end of my hour walk when I crossed paths with something way more deadly. A  highly venomous red-bellied black snake. My path would have had me walk right over him. Luckily I spotted him about 5 metres away. Normally red-bellied blacks are quite docile snakes unless it is breeding season. I watched this one for a while, taking some video and photos. He was well aware I was there but he was as cautious as I was, taking his time to head wherever he was going. Who would of thought getting a little bit of exercise could be so dangerous.

Red-bellied black snake

After my exciting walk we headed home to Toowoomba and stopped for a drink on the way home, where I had another packet of pork crackle. I really thinking my eating is getting out of hand. I ate the whole 50gram packet which I haven’t being doing, normally having up to 3 snacks out of the one packet.

Dinner was chicken legs with zucchini stuffed with cream cheese, cauliflower, bacon and mozzarella. I didn’t look very appealing on the plate and I was a little disappointed but once I ate it, it was quite delicious.


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