Friday 9 November

Once again started the day without breakfast. I actually went out to lunch with my good friend Adam. It was Adam and his wife Laurene that convinced Leanne that we should both try keto. They have had amazing success with it. I planned not to eat anything before lunch but I ended up having a snack before we went to lunch. Proper pork crackle and only a small amount. Not the pork crackle chips that started off as a good snack for me but lately are becoming my downfall.

I was worried about lunch because I knew there would be foods I would want to eat on the menu, but foods I shouldn’t eat. Going with Adam I at least knew I would have support. In fact I was very proud of myself. I ordered a drover’s steak, which was a rump steak topped with cherry tomatoes, onions and cheese. The waitress asked if I would like salad and chips with it. I said just salad thank you. She then asked if I would like double salad. I said no thank you. Success, this is the first time I have eaten out since starting keto. I ordered a no sugar coke to drink and Adam and I had a very enjoyable lunch.

After lunch we planned to go to the driving range and hit a few balls. However it was closed for maintenance so we played around of mini golf instead. All in all I was satisfied with a time together. We normally would involve food and alcohol around our get togethers. It was good to do something without unhealthy behaviour being involved. Like I said it helps that Adam is on the program as well.

I think I am still grazing to much. Whether it is the pork crackle chips which I am finding hard to avoid (although I did today), or salami and cheese, or anything I can find in the fridge that meets the keto requirements. I feel I am going to pay for this come weigh in day.

Dinner was keto swiss meatballs, delicious! This is close to my favourite keto meal we have had. We have only had it twice which makes it even better.

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