The Weekend November 10 and 11

Pretty much the usual weekend for me. Up early Saturday for cricket, no breakfast again. Came home around half past 11 and I had a small chicken drumstick. We went shopping then and had an interesting afternoon. Taylah has her school formal in February next year and is going with a friend of hers. They had to meet each other at the shops to buy some supplies for a class party they are having next week. She has also been asked by another boy she went to primary school with to accompany him to his school formal. He also met them at the shops and it amused Leanne and I to watch Taylah shopping with both her formal dates.

While shopping I shared a packet of pork crackle with Leanne and Hayden and thats all I ate until dinner time. Although I did take Taylah through the Macca’s drive through for something to eat and had to sit beside her in the car while she ate it. Taylah had to play and umpire netball so it was quite late by the time we got home and I was starving. Dinner was bacon and eggs with mushrooms, hollandaise sauce on cloud bread. I have heard a lot of good things about cloud bread, in that it is the best alternative bread recipe for keto. To be honest I thought it was crap. It tasted like a bland omelette. Caitlin made it and wasn’t happy with it while making it. I don’t know if she made a mistake or something but baking is something she is very good at. I don’t think I will be looking to try it again.

Sunday morning I was up early again as Taylah had to be in Ipswich for cricket. I had prepared our food the night before. One thing I love is crackers served with cheese, kabana, pickled onions, etc. So I had this idea to do up a platter for our lunch. I cut up some cheese, kabana, salami, pickles, and pickled onions (check what type you use the coloured ones are higher in carbs). For crackers I used pork crackle chips (there are some keto recipes out there for crackers). Leanne had also bought some watermelon the day before and believe it or not, it is one of the fruits you can have on keto albeit limited. I had cut it up last night (which led to me grazing again) and filled a small container full for both of us. I had a small share of the watermelon at about 10am and nibbled on the platter throughout the day.

We got home around quarter to 5 and I pretty much fell fast asleep on the couch. Dinner was corned meat with that delicious keto white sauce. I knew I had probably over eaten all week but I felt like dessert. Caitlin made some keto pancakes with blueberries and cream. They were pretty good but I did feel guilty afterwards as it wasn’t really needed. Also you are meant to limit your fruit content and I had basically had none since starting the program. Now I have had it three times in two days. I grazed through the night again, it is really getting out of control. Well tomorrow will show how bad my behaviour has been.

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