Tuesday November 13

I only worked in the morning today as I wanted to watch the mighty NY Giants beat the crappy SF 49ers (yes I know the giants are at least as crap as SF, but guess what? The giants won so there). While I was home watching the NFL I thought I would have another go at making corned meat fritters with the leftovers from Sunday night. If you recall last time I forgot to put in the baking powder and also wanted to tweak a few other things. I was fairly happy with the batter although I had to add more almond milk again because it was a little thick. The first batch I cooked was almost a disaster but I figured what I needed to change to improve them and from then on they seemed to be good. Only after dinner will I know for sure.

I had a small snack of pork crackle after getting home at about 11 am, Early in the afternoon I had a sausage leftover from last night with one of the destroyed fritters. It wasn’t bad but I hope the good ones taste better.

I managed to get a 20 minute walk in today as well as a 5 minute slow run. I also decided to do some push-ups but that ended quickly with a sharp pain in my shoulder. I don’t know what caused it and there is no pain except when I try to do a push-up. Maybe it’s just my shoulders telling me they are not prepared to hold up over a 120 kgs.

I am currently sitting through rather a boring awards ceremony for my girls school. It will be late by the time I get home which probably means the fritters will seem better than they actually are because I will be so hungry. On a bright note i was able to say no to the delicious snacks and alcoholic drinks that was provided.

Well it turned out that we had a little family drama when we got home. Heated words were exchanged, some went to bed without eating, and those of us that ate, did so without really tasting what we were eating. Jury is out on the fritters.

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