The Weekend November 17 and 18

The weekend started off like every other weekend. I was up early to get to cricket and then went shopping with the family. I was actually feeling nauseous by the time we got home about 3 and Leanne said it was probably because I hadn’t ate anything all day. I don’t think this was the case though.

For lunch I had some leftover pizza from last night and then spent an hour or so playing Red Dead. Taylah had netball at half past 5 so I dropped her off and went to work for a couple of hours. I called into Ben’s at one stage and was just serving up his dinner. He had cooked a pork knuckle with some red cabbage, home made chips and gravy. I had some pork a little cabbage (it was sweet so he must have cooked it with some sugar) and gravy. I shouldn’t have had the cabbage and gravy but it was only a tiny amount so I a was confident it would be alright.

I picked up Taylah and we got home just after 9. Then the most incredible thing of my keto experience happened.Leanne had made keto buns. She had made bacon and egg burgers out of them and they were delicious. They also had mushrooms, pickles and a hollandaise sauce. They are by far the best thing I have ate on keto, delicious! I was like Meg Ryan in how Harry Met Sally, the whole time I was eating it I was moaning in pleasure.

Here is a link to the recipe

Sunday morning I was up earlier than normal as Taylah’s cricket match was on the east side of Brisbane which takes a little longer to get to. Leanne had made an extra bacon and egg burger last night for my lunch and I packed a 50g bag of pork crackle. This was considerable less food than last Sunday, but I thought I ate to much last week.

I snacked on the pork crackle intermittently throughout the day and delighted in the burger at lunch time. The game didn’t go to well for the girls although it ended up closer than it might have. This enabled us to be home just after 5. I was tired and hungry by then and Leanne was cooking a roast pork that made the whole house smell scrumptious. So I fell into that bad habit of grazing while waiting for dinner. Nothing I shouldn’t eat but more than I should have.

Dinner was nice but the gravy left a bit to be desired. Leanne and I have been making gravy the same way for years, so it is a bit of hit and miss at the moment as we try to perfect a keto gravy. This one was a miss. For dessert Caitlin had made a keto chocolate mousse served with berries and whipped cream. It was very nice and I think my palette is getting use to things not being overly sweet which enhanced the dish in my opinion.

There was one constant problem over the weekend and it has to do with my willpower. Not eating bad foods is very easy for me if they are not in the house. It is much harder if they are. The kids who don’t need to be eating keto have been bringing food into the house I would rather they didn’t. Caitlin made a chocolate slice on Friday and when I seen it in the fridge I thought it must be keto and nearly ate a piece. Luckily I checked with Leanne before I did. Then on Saturday they bought frozen pizza, potato gems (tater tots) and party pies for their lunch. They preceded to cook them when we got home and the odour was driving me crazy. Also the last 2 weekends Taylah has decided to eat Hungry Jack’s while sitting beside me in the car during our long journeys for cricket. On It is making it harder and harder to stay good. So far so good but I am only human. In fact on Saturday I picked up a potato gem out of the tray they had cooked it in no less than three times to eat before guilting myself into putting it back.

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