Tuesday November 20

Today was the second day in a row where I haven’t eaten very much at all. Not because I am trying not to, just because I haven’t been that hungry. I had my normal pork crackle snack around lunch time. My actual lunch was a keto quiche with salad. About mid-afternoon I thought I would eat it but I didn’t like the quiche that much so I only had two bites.

I haven’t been home in the evening for that long I was excited that I would be today. The downside is that Leanne is sick of cooking dinner, so it was my turn. Actually I was a looking forward to cooking something. I cooked some steak in ghee, topped the steak with ham and mushroom creamy garlic sauce. I served it with a delicious salad with my famous big mac sauce tossed through it. Neither Leanne or I were able to get through even half of it. Before we started keto we would have devoured it easily.

During the day I got in a half hour walk. I have to be cautious with doing much more than walking at the moment. At the start of the year while playing touch football I  tore my meniscus. I was hobbled for quite a few months and was stiff and sore for a couple of months after that. In fact I was starting to think I would never get back to good. The last couple of months it has been feeling good but since I have been doing more exercise the slow 5 minute runs have started making my knee hurt a little. I am worried I might have permanent damage and never get back to running like I use to.

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