Thursday November 29

So first thing this morning I took a photo of myself to try and compare to the photo I took of myself at the start of the journey. Really I don’t think I could see much difference. All this really means to me is that when you are extremely obese an a 11 kilo weight loss makes stuff all difference. Having said that I have noticed a difference in my clothes so at least I have that. Anyway I will put both photos up and you can make your own decision on if the difference is noticeable.

Actually after editing them and putting them together like this I can see the difference. I have trimmed the beard since to, this could help lol.

The rest of the day followed the same pattern as most other days. No breakfast, a pork crackle snack mid to late morning and lunch around 3 o’clock of keto quiche and salad.

Dinner time was a different story as I was home which has been unusual on Thursdays of late. I attempted to make a keto flatbread to serve with some lamb, garlic and herb sausages. I successfully made the recipe but like a lot of keto breads we have tried it tasted like eggs. It is not a big deal the bread roll recipe Leanne has been using is a big hit, but I would like to find a decent flat bread recipe. All in all the meal was delicious though. The only major drama was the grazing I was doing while making dinner, which might come back to bite me. Not to mention the keto meringue snacks Taylah made which I also ate to many of.

I managed another 20 minute walk again today.

Wednesday November 28

Another pretty boring day again today. No breakfast as usual. A pork crackle snack about 11. I had lunch around 3:30. It was leftovers from last nights steak and salad. Then off to Ipswich for Taylah’s cricket training. We got home about 9 O’clock. Leanne had deboned some chicken thighs and served them with I don’t know what really (as she was already in bed) over the top and a side of cauliflower and broccoli. It was quite good and I was happy with the thighs as I prefer them over breasts (only on chickens though).

I went for a 20 minute walk while Taylah was training and tomorrow I hope to remember to take a comparison photo of myself to see if I can notice any difference.

Taylah in Action for the Ipswich Hornets

Tuesday November 27

I am still on a high from yesterdays weigh in. I find myself looking in the mirror to see if I can notice a difference. It might be time for a photo comparison to the one I took at the start of this process.

I had a small amount of pork crackle chips for a snack around 10 this morning. I didn’t have lunch until about half past 2, which was ham and salad. Leanne had to work later than normal so when I got home from cricket training I decided to cook something like I did last Tuesday. So I made a salad and tossed through my famous big mac sauce. Then I cooked some steak and made a creamy sauce of onion, mushroom and ham. It was delicious and very filling.

My delicious dinner. Steak, Mushrooms, Onions, Ham. With a salad of Lettuce, tomato, capsicum, Cheese, Schallots, Pickles, Egg, Ham, Jalapeños, and my Famous Big Mac Sauce

After my successful weight loss this week I feel like i have lost the intensity I had last week. I need to be aware of this. If I am not I might make mistakes that harm my progress. I have mentioned it before how being successful can make you be lax, but I feel like this is something more. I can’t put my finger on it exactly but it feels like I have more success when I am willing it to happen. I know that sounds ridiculous but it is the feeling I get.

I managed to get a 20 minute walk in today as well.

Weigh In Day Monday November 26

Here it is. The day we, well at least me wait for every week. Will it be a good result, will it be depressing. There is only one way to find out and thats by doing it. Drum roll please…… 124.6 kgs!!!!!! Thats a loss of 2.4 kgs, I couldn’t be happier!! Not only is it a good loss, it has got me under the next goal in my weight and over the next goal in weight loss. What I mean is I am under 125, thats great. Also I have now lost a combined total of 11.3 kgs, so I am over 10 kgs of total loss. Now I am aiming for 122 kgs. A strange number I know, but it has significance for me, as being a weight I use to hover at for quite a long time. I will also aim for 15 kgs total loss. No time limit on these aims, as I have said before that generally leads to failure and a feeling of negativity about yourself.

I was on a high for the rest of the day after that result. I had breakfast of sausages around half past 10. I was quite full from breakfast so I didn’t eat my lunch until about half past 6. It was a keto quiche with salad. I worked late and wasn’t home until after 9. Leanne had made a stroganoff type dish with the leftover roast lamb from last night. She had also made some cauliflower rice to go with it. Just a little bit in case we didn’t like it. It was pretty good, so I am looking forward to trying it again.

I got a 20 minute walk in while waiting for Caitlin to finish work. I am still not pushing for more exercise at this stage. As long as the weight loss keeps happening I will be happy with what I am doing. Once it slows down I will push myself to do more. I am still having knee issues and I think the more weight I can get off before pushing harder, the better for my knee it will be.

Wednesday November 21

Another non-eventful fairly easy day. Although my appetite was a little higher today than it has been. I actually ate my lunch mid-morning, which was some of the leftover steak and salad from last night. I had a snack of pork crackle about half past 2 and again at 6. I need to get back on to the almonds I think if I want to have a second snack. At least I have stayed away from eating a whole packet of pork crackle chips.

For dinner Leanne made some cabbage concoction with mince and bacon. It was quite nice. She also tried to put some of the mixture inside the keto pizza dough and while a good effort it was a little uninspiring. To much dough to mixture ratio and maybe missing some soy sauce or something for dipping. It wasn’t terrible, I just enjoyed the cabbage by itself more than I did in the dough.

I got a 20 minute walk in today and I planned on doing another at Taylah’s cricket training at Ipswich this evening but it was called off because of rain. So that is two evenings in a row that I have been home, I could easily get use to this.

Friday November 16

Fairly standard day today. I had some pork crackle around 10. I didn’t eat lunch until after 3. It was chicken and lettuce and was bland and tasteless. However it didn’t bother me. I didn’t eat it all but just a little bit so I wouldn’t be hungry. I worked until after 10 and when I got home Leanne had made keto pizza that was delicious. Like last time I only had two pieces and was full. However I got the grazing bug later and had a third. I hadn’t eaten much all day so I don’t think it will be a problem. Also I managed to get an hours walk in today.

One of the bigger problems I have had with keto is finding a bread recipe that I like. We have tried a couple and they have been alright, but the fact I haven’t used them again suggests they weren’t good enough. While eating the pizza I said to Leanne I think this pizza base could be used to make a type of flat bread. She said you can actually use it to make buns, so I am thinking we might give this a go tomorrow night.

Wednesday November 14

Still not eating breakfast. I should probably stop mentioning that since it is just about everyday. I had some real pork crackle for a snack about 11. Then I didn’t eat again until until about 4. I had a keto friendly quiche that was quite nice. As per normal Taylah had cricket training in Ipswich so we headed down there just after I ate. I had already had a 25 minute walk during the day so i decided not to have one down there. After the sun went down I thought I probably should go for a walk, I was doing nothing else. However remembering the red-bellied black snake from last week made me change my mind. At least in daylight I can see what I am stepping on.

For dinner Leanne had made a dish called Keto Bacon Cheeseburger casserole. Although personally I didn’t think it tasted like a cheeseburger (needed mustard in my opinion) it was absolutely delicious. Personally I thought it was very similar to a lasagna, but maybe even tastier. I have also been good this week as far as grazing goes and I haven’t been any hungrier for it. So this would suggest to me that I was grazing out of boredom rather than hunger.

Link to the bacon cheeseburger casserole recipe

Keto Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole

Tuesday November 13

I only worked in the morning today as I wanted to watch the mighty NY Giants beat the crappy SF 49ers (yes I know the giants are at least as crap as SF, but guess what? The giants won so there). While I was home watching the NFL I thought I would have another go at making corned meat fritters with the leftovers from Sunday night. If you recall last time I forgot to put in the baking powder and also wanted to tweak a few other things. I was fairly happy with the batter although I had to add more almond milk again because it was a little thick. The first batch I cooked was almost a disaster but I figured what I needed to change to improve them and from then on they seemed to be good. Only after dinner will I know for sure.

I had a small snack of pork crackle after getting home at about 11 am, Early in the afternoon I had a sausage leftover from last night with one of the destroyed fritters. It wasn’t bad but I hope the good ones taste better.

I managed to get a 20 minute walk in today as well as a 5 minute slow run. I also decided to do some push-ups but that ended quickly with a sharp pain in my shoulder. I don’t know what caused it and there is no pain except when I try to do a push-up. Maybe it’s just my shoulders telling me they are not prepared to hold up over a 120 kgs.

I am currently sitting through rather a boring awards ceremony for my girls school. It will be late by the time I get home which probably means the fritters will seem better than they actually are because I will be so hungry. On a bright note i was able to say no to the delicious snacks and alcoholic drinks that was provided.

Well it turned out that we had a little family drama when we got home. Heated words were exchanged, some went to bed without eating, and those of us that ate, did so without really tasting what we were eating. Jury is out on the fritters.

Weigh In Day Monday November 11

It’s weigh in day yay!!! Not really, although I am convincing myself it will be good, my eating habits the last week will suggest it’s not possible. And sure enough it was not good but at least a loss I guess, 100 grams. Although I am pretty disappointed at the result, I don’t feel disheartened because I know what I did wrong and I know how to rectify it. It is not as bad when you believe you did everything wrong and you don’t get the results you are looking for.

No breakfast this morning and probably just as well after the weigh in results. I had a small snack of pork crackle around mid-morning. I had a chicken and lettuce with mayo salad for lunch after 3 then went back to work. I ended up having to drive about 40 minutes out of town and was hungry on my way back so I had another small snack of pork crackle. I need to get back on the almonds. I wasn’t having the afternoon snack but if I am going to I should make it almonds.

Dinner was sausages with cauliflower and broccoli in a nice creamy sauce with bacon. It was delicious and I have managed to avoid grazing today. It was a busy day for work but I managed to squeeze in a 10 minute walk.

Wednesday November 8

I feel like I might be eating to much this week. I am not eating anything I shouldn’t but maybe to much of what I should. A good loss of weight can cause you to be a little lax or at least I know it can cause me to be. The good thing at the moment is that it is not making me feel  like it would be alright to have something I shouldn’t. I am not thinking oh it would be alright if I ate a burger and some chips because I have been doing well, because that would be a gateway to putting all the weight back on.

Al l had to eat for most of the day was some pork crackle. Around half past 3 I ate my lunch which was a sausage salad which was quite enjoyable. I am having pickles in most of my salads and I am enjoying them immensely.

Taylah had cricket training in the evening at Ipswich. I decided to have a walk while she was training as I hadn’t had any exercise for the day yet. Walking around Ivor Marsden Ovals where she trains can be quite risky thanks to the wildlife. Mainly kangaroos. Now I can here all you people not from Australia and even some from here saying kangaroos are cute, how could they be dangerous. A kangaroo cornered or feeling in danger is capable of doing extreme damage, even killing a person. They are extremely strong animals with sharp claws. Realistically I don’t feel any danger from them, as I plan to stay away from them and I know there first thought is to stay away from me. There is just that many at Ivor Marsden that you need to be watchful to make sure you don’t accidentally corner one or encroach to closely to where they feel the need to defend themselves or their joeys.

Oval 1 at Ivor Marsden. This is only a fraction of kangaroos that can be here

Like I said I wasn’t really worried about the kangaroos but I was keeping an eye on them just in case. I was coming to the end of my hour walk when I crossed paths with something way more deadly. A  highly venomous red-bellied black snake. My path would have had me walk right over him. Luckily I spotted him about 5 metres away. Normally red-bellied blacks are quite docile snakes unless it is breeding season. I watched this one for a while, taking some video and photos. He was well aware I was there but he was as cautious as I was, taking his time to head wherever he was going. Who would of thought getting a little bit of exercise could be so dangerous.

Red-bellied black snake

After my exciting walk we headed home to Toowoomba and stopped for a drink on the way home, where I had another packet of pork crackle. I really thinking my eating is getting out of hand. I ate the whole 50gram packet which I haven’t being doing, normally having up to 3 snacks out of the one packet.

Dinner was chicken legs with zucchini stuffed with cream cheese, cauliflower, bacon and mozzarella. I didn’t look very appealing on the plate and I was a little disappointed but once I ate it, it was quite delicious.